Processing Equipment


Production and assembly of component parts and complete assemblies made out of steel, aluminum, brass and plastic in small series, middle series and large series.

Machining Operations

Spanende Fertigung

Middle- and large series operation of bar materials up to diameter 42 mms (steel, aluminum, brass) on cam-controlled single-spindle and rotary indexing machines.

Manufacturing of small- and medium-sized series on five-axis-high-accuracy-CNC-lathes)

KunststoffspritzereiPlastic Molding Section

Manufacturing of synthetic parts with weights up to 158g made out of thermoplastic materials on a wide range of Arburg injection molding machines.

Production of plastic-metal connections.

Bonding of plastic parts by heated tool welding.

ReinraumPlastic Molding Section – Clean Room

Manufacturing and packing of sensitive filter technology under lab terms.



Fully automatic, partial automatic and manual assembly and testing of subsystems and complete assemblies in large series, medium series and small series.

Besides, among other things, implemented assembly processes: Inserting, impressing, replacing, screwing, forming, laser welding, marking and labeling.

Qualitätssicherung Quality Management

Manual or fully automatic testing of all important features and functions relevant for safety performance series-accompanying up to 100% on special test facilities, optical and 3D measuring machines.